Friday, May 5, 2017

Log analytics log collection. Change proxy settings for some servers.

If you are trying to connect your SCOM agents to Log Analytics. The link for that is here.

There are two ways in which you can do that
1. Install the SCOM agent and connect your SCOM zone to Log analytics.
2. Install the OMS agent and either let it send data directly over the internet or through you SCOM zones.

What we did not know that if you have servers which are in different subnets and do not have a direct internet connection, you will not see some of your data in OMS.
This is because the SCOM agents will send some of the data to your SCOM zones but the other performance collection data is sent directly over the internet.
The solution for this is to provide a proxy. Which you can do if you have the OMS agent installed.
But if you only have the SCOM agent installed and you try set up a proxy server to send data to OMS it does not allow you to configure individual settings.
The setting in Administration--OMS-Connection--Proxy server will apply the same setting to all your agents.

If some of the servers which have internet connection send data directly over the internet and some of the servers still send data to the OMS gateway you have to do this

Open your SCOM console and create a group of servers. Add the objects of the class health service that you want to be sending data over the gateway.

 Then navigate to rules. Select scope "Health Service" and override the rule "Advisor Proxy Setting Rule" for this group. Enter your proxy server in parameter "Web proxy address" and apply. Save this in a new unsealed management pack.


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