Thursday, April 20, 2017

Moving your wordpress blog site to blogger.

If you want to use google adsense to monetize your blog you could either buy a new domain or you could use the blogger website.The wordpress free site did not allowed to be registered for adsense for me.

So what do i do. I sign up for google adsense.

Enter your blogger website. Mine is

Now to transfer all your blog posts from  wordpress to blogger would have been a chore,until I ran into this gem of a site. 
Here is how I did it.

First login to your wordpress account and export your blog file using the start export button.

It spews out a nice little xml file that can be saved to your disk. I had over 50 published pages and 9 drafts. The xml file was only 226 KB. Go figure.

Now to convert this to a blogger friendly format. Login to this converter site and convert your blog. Link for wordpress to blogger converter.


Saved this file on my disk too. This turned out to be only 148 KB. As if I was not dissapointed enough by the size.

Then back to blogger. Click design to get to your blog if you don't have that page open already. Click on settings--other and click the import content button.


Prove that you are not a robot and uncheck the Automatically publish button if you don't want to publish your blog posts immediately. 

 Rest is easy.

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